Jenny Scholes - Australian Landscape Artist

Welcome & artist's statement

Jenny was born in Melbourne, Victoria and grew up in an artistic environment which led to an instinctive passion for painting. She spent many childhood holidays in Wye River which later inspired her to paint colourful landscapes and seascapes based on her love for that area.

Her modern paintings tend towards abstraction which allows her to see beyond the basic visual impression breaking it down to the basic elements of which colour, texture and design are important.

Jenny is a versatile artist, and while modernist, she depicts cityscapes, seascapes and landscapes with a feeling for the mood or culture of them. From photographs she has taken she sees the image and translates it into a unique personal interpretation. Often painting in acrylics & mixed media, she applies paint using different palette knives, brushes and other tools - getting the shapes down quickly and trying not to think too much provides the way forward.

Although living in Melbourne, Jenny is continually inspired by nature and interesting destinations including Italy, the high country of Victoria and the vast Australian outback.

Please enjoy the artworks shown in Jenny's Gallery on this website.

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